I have been working in the design industry for nearly 7 years. Whilst I'll turn my hand at anything from web design to Powerpoint, I specialise in printed media. Currently I spend my working days in the studio of a large award-winning medical/healthcare agency working across PR, medical education and advertising sectors and also for a selection of consumer magazines.
Through the course of my career I have worked for a variety of different companies, both large and small, which has given me valuable experience across a wide range of clients, projects and people.
First and foremost though I am passionate and driven about the work I do with a simple desire to create the very best for each client and exceed their expectations. Design is not just a job for me - it is what I do - all the time.


This is a selection of clients/Brands I have been privileged to work for/on:
River Island, Nestle, Glaxo Smith Klein, Good Ski Guide, HC magazine, Flora, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Wyeth, Pfizer, Nicorette, Blades, Mountain Magic, Boehringer Ingleheim, Bang & Olufsen, And So To Bed, Nokia, County Life and Clive Christian


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If you want to get in touch drop me an email at paul@thorneandrews.co.uk
or give me a call on 07734 56 86 46, I look forward to hearing from you.